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Talent attracts capital far more effectively and consistently than capital attracts talent. -Michael Bloomberg
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New Additions to Cleveland St. Give Upgrades to Bicyclists and Motorists Oct 05, 2015


Shelby County School Receive Blue Ribbon Award

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The Fellows program is a transformative journey to discover who you really are.
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The most successful economic development policy is to attract and retain smart people and then get out of their way.
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I believe in Memphis. And I believe New Memphis is helping make sure it lives up to its potential.
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Now more than ever, our city needs talent to thrive.
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My new Memphis is healthy, diverse, educated and ascending.
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The best part about New Memphis is that it sets a path for the city’s leaders, from collegians to executives.
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Memphis has more soul and more character than most places ever dream.
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I already had a huge heart for Memphis. Now I have the training to help make what my heart wants, happen.