I Am New Memphis: Stephanie Carney

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Full name: Stephanie Michelle Carney

Where are you from? Memphis, TN

When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? CIA spy or Navy SEAL

How did you get to New Memphis? How long have you been on the team? New Memphis reached out to me a few years ago via LinkedIn. I applied, interviewed, and voila….two years and going strong!

What’s your job title? Manager of Operations

Okay, but what do you actually do? I manage our data and processes. That includes our database, which I am the Salesforce Administrator of. It also includes the way we are collecting and evaluating our data, making sure we are accurate and efficient in reporting on the outcomes of our work, and ensuring that our processes are streamlined so that our team can perform at peak levels without worrying about the details.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever found your keys? Washing machine (probably a result of being in my pocket, at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

If you could go one place in the world for one day, and money were no object, where would you go and what would you do? It’s a tie between Iran, where I would love to tour the ancient cities, especially the ruins at Persepolis, and see where leaders of the past once roamed, like Cyrus the Great, Darius, and Xerxes; or a trip across the universe. Coming face to face with UY Scuti or Canis Majoris would be pretty spectacular!

Cook or baker? Ummmm, baker. I neither enjoy nor have a talent for cooking.

Fly or drive? Drive

What’s your superpower? Finding the piece that doesn’t quite fit or that no one else notices

What have you learned since joining New Memphis? I’ve learned that what makes Memphis different is not its BBQ (even though it is fabulous!), not its adorable Southern charm, not its determined grit and grind, but it’s the people and their commitment to the community and their ability to come together for each other that make it different.

Which New Memphis alum inspires you and why? Tosha Downey. Her bright and positive charisma, coupled with her dedication and success, is so magnetic. She is a wonderful role model to not only all women, but especially women in the communities she serves.

What’s your favorite hidden gem in Memphis? Court House Deli on Main Street

What are you doing tonight? Working late and then going to my daughter’s volleyball game