Celebrate What’s Right: Urban Renaissance

Memphis is a city where we build on history, literally. Many of our city’s most transformative development projects infuse new life into old spaces, leveraging – not leveling – our existing structures.

Memphis is a place where an historic brewery is restored as a bustling, integrated mixed-use development and where an under-utilized railway is transformed into the nation’s longest pedestrian bridge. In this city, a mammoth 20th century distribution center becomes a pioneering vertical urban village and a sports arena becomes an outdoor retail destination. A long list of remarkable projects have transformed our city and created places where people thrive.

Join us on Monday, October 30, for a conversation on urban revitalization that is powered by renewal and driven not just by what makes money, but what makes Memphis better. You’ll hear from local leaders who have been a catalyst for Memphis’ urban renaissance. The event will feature a panel conversation with:

Montgomery Martin, Founder and CEO of Montgomery Martin Contractors
McLean Wilson, Co-Founder, Crosstown Concourse
Eric Robertson, President, Community LIFT
Archie Willis, President of Community Capital


This event is sponsored by First Tennessee Foundation.




Celebrate What’s Right: Urban Renaissance
October 30 from noon to 1:30 p.m.
Holiday Inn at the University of Memphis
3700 Central Ave.
Tickets $30 | Table (of 8) $240