New Memphis Fellows Graduation

On the evening of August 10, New Memphis honored thirty new graduates of our Fellows program.

These high-performing professionals are equipped to amplify their impact in the community. They’ve grown in leadership through team building, communication, and project management skills. They’ve connected with a diverse network of individuals – all of whom share a commitment to improving Memphis. They’ve deepened in self-awareness. And they’ve built connections with seasoned local executives and community endeavors.

Honored with the Exemplar Award was Paul Foster. Congratulations, Paul!

And congratulations to ALL the newly minted alumni of New Memphis Fellows!

  • Rico Andrews
  • Candace Askew
  • Spencer Blank
  • Brian Booker
  • William Byrd, Jr.
  • Stephanie Clark
  • Taunya Falkner
  • Kevin Fienup
  • Paul Foster
  • Malerie Gatti
  • Genevieve Hill-Thomas
  • Holly Holt
  • Kristen Hunt
  • Abigail Johnson
  • Worth Jones
  • Bobby Meeks
  • Melanie Neal
  • Katherine Netzler
  • Rusty Parker
  • Patrice Pritchett
  • Chad Roberts
  • Meridith Rucker
  • Tommy Stephenson
  • Courtney Taylor
  • Taylor Taylor
  • Catherine Walsh
  • Landon Williams
  • Mackaria Williams
  • Alexandra Willis
  • Lina Yi

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