To foster change and growth in Memphis, we need to activate our talented people in the community. We help you plug-in with your personal gifts and passions.

New Memphis doesn’t stop at building strong community leaders — we work to connect these leaders to opportunities for action in Memphis. Service to your city is the best way to engage with your community and create lasting change, and New Memphis can help you get started. Consider joining a local nonprofit board, mentoring area youth, or exploring the many other volunteer opportunities available.

Nonprofit Board Placements

Local nonprofit organizations regularly come to New Memphis with requests for board members. We are pleased to match our friends and alumni with our partner organizations based on careful consideration of interests and expertise. Putting our city’s most talented individuals on the boards of our most effective nonprofits infuses these organizations with fresh perspectives and new ideas. Board placement also contributes to the success of our efforts to retain top talent in Memphis while moving Memphis forward. Want to serve on a local non-profit board? Contact John Minervini.


The New Memphis Institute and the Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation have TEAMED UP to provide youth mentors to serve in locations across the city. Consider mentoring as an option to impact positive change in Memphis. There are multiple opportunities for those interested in serving as mentors. Through TEAM UP Youth Mentoring, you can find a program that fits your schedule and interest through the Grizzlies Foundation’s extensive referral network. The Grizzlies Foundation has a charity to fit your skills, your schedule, and your comfort level. Or try Grizzlies TEAM Mentoring, a school-based program that provides group mentoring by matching 3 volunteer mentors with 9 students to form a TEAM. TEAMs meet weekly to participate in activities centered on a weekly objective. Contact Didi Crandall to connect with a mentoring opportunity.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Odyssey connects volunteers with their ideal volunteer experiences. They offer multiple programs to help you kick-start your volunteer journey.

Volunteer Memphis also helps skilled professionals find tailored volunteer opportunities to serve throughout the Greater Memphis area. They work with nonprofits, churches, schools, corporations, government and other groups that engage volunteers to make community programs stronger.