"I have learned so much about myself and how to effectively lead and communicate through Embark. It was a vital experience to my professional success."
-Kayla Rodriguez, Co-Founder of SweetBio
"Through New Memphis, I learned so much about myself and how to effectively lead. I left feeling more confident to take on new challenges and opportunities."
-Faheed Owokoniran, Medtronic
"That’s what I love about New Memphis. There’s a chance for you to jump in and really make a difference."
-Isaac Rodriguez, Co-Founder of SweetBio
"Embark was a great opportunity for me to meet other young professionals and learn more information about myself."
-Embark Alumni
"Being around like-minded people - people who want to progress Memphis - that was really a good experience for me."
-Embark Alumni
"With Embark, it gave me the opportunity to connect with other young professionals in varying fields of work who are doing awesome things. We’re all excited about the city and pushing it forward. There is a fabric of change that’s happening, and there are people my age at the helm."
-Leslie Finch, Partnership Development Manager, Memphis Hustle and Grizz Gaming
"It was a phenomenal experience. Even for me being from Memphis, coming back as an adult is a different experience. The professional discussions with Mario from First Tennessee were very helpful for me navigating different personalities in the workplace."
-Courtney Williams Robertson, Network for School Improvement Manager, Seeding Success