"The Fellows is definitely one of those career changing experiences that really breaks you out of your comfort zone, making you more aware of the leadership opportunities in your job and also in your community."
-JT Malasri
"My Fellows experience was a revealing opportunity to become more self-aware, develop my skill set, and become the best version of myself."
-Renee Wills, CFO at Oak Hall
"Building a new Memphis is a collective effort. The Fellows puts leaders together to move towards a better tomorrow."
-Edward Bogard, Founder of SoGiv
"Having a CAP team work on a project at Splash Mid-South was the equivalent of having a million dollar management team for six months."
-Anthony Norris, Founder of Splash Mid-South
"Sometimes you get to a point where you want to tackle something new and different in your career. New Memphis can help."
-Paul Young, Director of City of Memphis Division of Housing and Community Development
"A lot of great things happen here that don’t make the news. Through Fellows, I stay connected with an amazing group of young professionals who believe in Memphis and what it can become."
- Jen Andrews, Executive Director of Shelby Farms Park
"What I love about New Memphis is that it’s possible to make a big impact. It doesn’t take years; you can do it right now."
-Deni & Patrick Reilly, Owners of The Majestic Grille and The Brass Door