This year is the 25th anniversary of the Leadership Development (LDI) program, marking a watershed moment in New Memphis history. It has been 25 years since New Memphis became an organization focused on empowering and connecting leaders in our city. We are using this milestone to celebrate all that New Memphis has accomplished and to look forward to the next 25 years. In the past quarter century, we have built a community comprised of thousands of capable leaders who feel a deep sense of responsibility and optimism for this city we all love. And we are so excited to continue this work going forward.

View photos and read the feature on the history of LDI here.

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New Memphis is grateful for your ongoing support of our mission and we hope you can be a part of this important moment alongside us. To ensure the work of New Memphis continues for another 25 years, we are asking LDI alumni to make a donation in 2022 in honor of this landmark anniversary. You can make a secure online donation here, or contact Laura Beth Davis to learn about other giving options.

LDI Reunion Host Committee

Belinda & Calvin Anderson

Tina & Rhomes Aur

Linda & Rod Bailey

Cindy & Kevin Brewer

Kim & Harold Collins

Rosie Phillips Davis & John Davis

Angie & Will Deupree

Maria & Mike Douglass

Bryan Eagle

Tara & Scott Elliott

Margo & Mark Fogelman

Nada & Scott Fountain

Ashley & Preston Frazer

Christine & Nick Gant

Lisa Menuskin & Neil Gibson

Lori & David Glasscock

Margaret & Sam Graham

Regina & Jay Healy

Janie & Bruce Hopkins

Angie & Pat Hopper

Kristen & Jay Keegan

Sherrie & Kevin Kimery

Daphne & Alan Large

Vance & John Lewis

Michele & Joe Lyons

Robin & Phillip May

Gretchen & Kojo McLennon

Sally & Ashley Pace

Meredith & Jeremy C. Park

Barbara & Frank Ricks

Nichole & Douglas Scarboro

Jane & Charles Slatery

Bethany & Tim Slocum

Crystal & Greg Spillyards

Margaret & Joe Steffner

Susan & Tom Stephenson

Priscilla M. & Paulo L. Teixeira

Sharon & Kelly Truitt

David Waddell

Monica & Andre Wharton

Tomeka Hart Wigginton & Russell Wigginton

Abbie & Duncan Williams

Dynisha & Kevin Woods