Our Mission

Now more than ever, Memphis needs talent. Our businesses need talent to thrive, our government needs talent to solve problems, our schools need talent to educate our youth, our communities need talent to innovate and work for a better future. We are forging a more prosperous and vital new Memphis by developing, activating and retaining talent. 

The “now more than ever” of our mission statement feels particularly vital in a world full of COVID-19 uncertainty. As you navigate changing workplaces, New Memphis is still committed to providing the development you deserve.

We are actively accepting applications on our website for the following upcoming cohorts: Accelerate I Stride I Embark I Fellows I LDI. 

Please CLICK HERE to read a more in depth overview of New Memphis' current programmatic plans. 

Our Impact

Why this work important.

New Memphis invests in the most important resource our city has; its people. People are what power great organizations and successful cities. As our community pursues economic development, a talented and growing workforce is the most important resource to attract and grow businesses in Memphis. We know the work of improving our city and ourselves is never finished.

How do we do it.

We deliver on our mission by infusing our city with leaders who are passionate about positive community change and have the skills needed to take action. From the experienced executive to the college student, New Memphis provides a continuum of leadership development and community engagement opportunities that impact participants. We work to inspire and develop a pipeline of civically responsible leaders to help Memphis live into its full potential.

We aspire to more than just population and economic growth in Memphis, but to growth that builds the diversity of our people, increases opportunity and extends across every zip code.

View the 2019 New Memphis Impact Report HERE