"I loved receiving career development advice from people in all kinds of fields. New Memphis is passionate about providing opportunities and helping us prepare for them."

-Cassidy Burlesci-Niukkanen

"I am able to use the knowledge that the program gave me and utilize it to improve myself every day. I loved hearing different professionals' point of view. We learn something new each session and can tailor it toward different aspects of our life, including school, career, and gaining a larger network."

-Joshua Booker

"My favorite part was meeting the other members of the Accelerate program. The facilitators are very helpful and their goal is to help you get an internship — they even offer speed mentoring, which a lot of the other programs don't offer."

-Xavier Cobb

"My main focus with this program was character development and growth. I made a lot of connections with Speed Mentoring, and I even received a LinkedIn message from one of the professionals!"

-Alexis Johnson

"I liked the speakers that New Memphis brought in. I have a lot of friends who are graduating this year, and this is a great way to kickstart further growth after college. Finding new connections in Memphis has been really beneficial."

-Kelsey Morrison

"I've really enjoyed the different sessions that we've had. My favorite session was the Speed Mentoring. I would say that it was a great opportunity to improve your professional development and interact with professionals. It's a great way to grow and build your brand as a college student."

-Janice Farris

"It's a great opportunity to meet professionals from all over Memphis in different fields and different jobs to gain a better network just by being a part of the program."

-Joshua Booker