You are New Memphis – and not just while you’re in a program. The program experience is just the beginning. We offer meaningful ways for graduates to stay engaged with one another and the community. Whether it’s additional professional development, volunteering, or networking, we connect alumni with an abundance of ongoing opportunities around the city. Together, our alumni are driving the city forward and forging its future success.


"Memphis is a city where we must all be invested in doing better, for everyone. It doesn’t matter if we’re pulling hard if we’re all pulling in different directions. We have philanthropic investment here like you do not find anywhere else. We have people who are committed to the mission and the work. We have an opportunity that is unique and spectacular."

-Lesley Brown Rawlings

"Everyone can be a leader, in the right circumstances. All communities, families, workplaces and organizations need leaders – at every single level. And when we keep people in the forefront, we all win."

-Tobi Merschat

"Memphis is a magnet. Once you’ve lived here, it’s impossible to stay gone."

-Josh Roberts

"One of the best things about Memphis and the South in general: Around here, we always want to help each other. We have a very symbiotic relationship with a lot of local creative and design groups."

-Bobby Meeks

"Memphis is a city that wants to dream big, and we owe it to everybody to work as hard as we can. "

-Josh Herwig

"I’m glad I’m here at this time in Memphis when there’s so much activity and collaboration. I think we have a ton of opportunity to grow. I think we have nothing but opportunity to grow."

-Chantal Drake

Continuous development

New Memphis is committed to ongoing personal and professional development of participants in our various programs. To that end, we offer multiple opportunities for alumni of Embark, Fellows, and LDI to optimize personal growth and maximize work-related skills to achieve your goals. Click below to learn more.

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As New Memphis invests in you, our city's leaders, we encourage you to invest in the next generation. We recruit and train mentors to serve at a variety of area non-profits to mentor kids from elementary to high school, as well as college students and young professionals.

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Board Training

Every day, local nonprofits are making Memphis a better place – and they need talented, hard-working board members to help them take their mission to the next level. Through New Memphis' Board Training, we provide our talented alumni with the training needed to serve with excellence.

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City Buzz

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Civic Education

As connectors in our city, New Memphis provides opportunities to learn more about the topics uniquely impacting Memphians and our city. To effectively make change, leaders need to understand the importance of issues facing our city. In our work to move Memphis forward, we embrace and unite people and their perspectives to inspire and build a better Memphis. 

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