Embarker of the Week: Abbie Martin

Abbie Martin ForWeb

Name: Abbie Martin

Cohort: Embark 2019

  1. What are you doing these days to earn your keep? (As in, where do you work and what’s your job title?) I am an ESL Teacher for Kate Bond Elementary School!
  2. Where are you planting the seeds of your passion(s) in Memphis and why? I am extremely passionate about creating real policy change around education and I believe that the most authentic way to do this is through organizing. I currently organize with Stand For Children and have been involved in creating school board policy, so that all report cards are translated to primary home languages for all parents as well as have currently been advocating for the school board to purchase an online platform for ESL teachers to better streamline our paperwork including ILPs. 
  3. What have you done to promote self-care and positive energy during this time? I think trying to be kinder to myself. I can be really negative when I do not feel like I am doing enough, but I have tried to only say things to myself that I would want my students to say to themselves. I am also really blessed that I live with 5 other Memphis teachers who are all about making sure that there are good vibes only in our house! 
  4. What plans do you have once the world opens back up to our new normal? I think I have two sides of myself and this answer makes it crystal clear. I miss two things the most: 1. Hugging my students and telling them how much I love them every day and 2. going out on Saturday nights- I miss dancing and listening to live music! 
  5. Let’s end the debate: Whose BBQ are you digging into after quarantine? (i.e. Memphis’ best)? Wow this is a really loaded question! For taste Cozy Corner, but for the mems- Rendezvous. It has such a party vibe and it is where I have taken family members and my best friends from college so it has lots of good memories. 
  6. What parting words do you have for your fellow Memphians during this challenging time? Find ways in which you can fight for a more equitable Memphis! Whether it is by joining an organization, self-education, writing to a local elected official about a change you need to see in the community. Now more than ever, we as a community need to make sure that the power belongs to the people. 
  7. What priceless gem did you takeaway from your Embark experience?  That my voice/viewpoint/opinion is valuable to the Memphis community and that I have to truly know myself in order to be an effective leader. Going through Embark, I learned how to better communicate with people and meet them where they are instead of trying to force them to be more like how I want them to be. This has helped me massively this summer doing virtual summer school and being tasked to help over 30 different teachers with different personalities. Without the Embark training on different communication styles, I may have not been able to make relationships or effectively communicate via virtual channels. 


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