Embarker of the Week: Ashleigh Whisenant

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Embarker of the Week

Ashleigh Whisenet: 2019 Embark Graduate 

What are you doing these days to earn your keep? (As in, where do you work and what’s your job title? As a Senior Compensation Analyst for FedEx, I study and analyze external labor markets in order to equip our company to attract, reward, and retain top talent—specifically in the Memphis area!

Where are you planting the seeds of your passion(s) in Memphis and why? As a former NCAA Division I Student-Athlete, sports have always been a passion of mine and since calling Memphis my permanent home in 2016 I have spent time volunteering with Memphis Athletic Ministries. Spending time with that organization has enabled me to help foster structure, teamwork, and positive work ethic with our city’s youth. Athletics has played such a pivotal and positive role in my life to have the opportunity to pass that along to others is truly a blessing.

What have you done to promote self-care and positive energy during this time? Lots of reading, running, and opening my mind up to listen and learn new things!

What plans do you have once the world opens back up to our new normal? Girls trip to Canada to celebrate one of my closest friends quarantined wedding!

Let’s end the debate: Whose BBQ are you digging into after quarantine? (i.e. Memphis’ best) No debate, Cozy Corner baby!

What parting words do you have for your fellow Memphians during this challenging time? As we say at FedEx, be here now. And remember even if you are crawling, you are still moving forward.

What priceless gem did you takeaway from your Embark experience? The young professional talent in the Memphis area and the hunger we have to make a positive impact on the city is immeasurable. And thanks to the EMBARK experience we are equipped us to do so with confidence. 

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