Embarker of the Week: Elizabeth Coplan

Elizabeth Coplan ForWeb

Elizabeth Coplan

2019 Embark Graduate

What are you doing these days to earn your keep? (As in, where do you work and what’s your job title?) I am the Director of Special Events for LPI Memphis. You will likely find me managing events at Overton Square, The Highland Strip, or Broad Avenue. I am also a High School History Teacher for Horizon Homeschooling; I teach World History.

Where are you planting the seeds of your passion(s) in Memphis and why? I am very invested in the youth of the city. I mentor several teenagers in the area and spend my time volunteering through various organizations. I am able to make these connections through my membership with The Junior League of Memphis and New Memphis!

What have you done to promote self-care and positive energy during this time? During this time of uncertainty, I am making sure to regularly check in with friends and family. Even a simple text can help lift someone’s spirits. I have dedicated my yard to planting and gardening. When we move into the next phase, I am looking forward to working alongside The Memphis Tilth Organization.

What plans do you have once the world opens back up to our new normal? 2020 was supposed to be the year I spent traveling. I look forward to being able to fly and visit new and familiar places, once the world opens back up. I look forward to attending the New Memphis Events, and hosting events again, since I am an event producer!

Let’s end the debate: Whose BBQ are you digging into after quarantine? (i.e. Memphis’ best) Central BBQ is a quick go-to and never disappoints. Central BBQ’s nachos have my heart. BUT, if I am in the mood to venture a bit more out of my radius, Payne’s BBQ is where you will find me. You cannot beat their chopped sandwich.

What parting words do you have for your fellow Memphians during this challenging time? I know we all deal with challenges differently. Some deal with anxiety/depression of being alone, and some are enjoying this time of self-reflection and isolation. I encourage each of us to find something new we can enjoy. For me, I have kept busy with my yard and reading. These are two items I did not have the time to enjoy before the pandemic. These are two simple things which have given me a little added joy during this uncertain time.

What priceless gem(s) did you takeaway from your Embark experience? When I entered my first evening class, I did not know a single person in the class. This is extremely rare for being a Memphis native. Of course, I discovered that I had many mutual connections with my newly founded friends. The best takeaway from this experience were the connections and friendships. I speak to several of my fellow Embarkers at least once a week. 

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