Embarker of the Week: Jessica B. Mason

Name: Jessica B. Mason

Cohort: Embark Fall 2018 Cohort

  1. What are you doing these days to earn your keep? (As in, where do you work and what’s your job title?) I'm currently Content Marketing Manager at the Greater Memphis Chamber.
  2. Where are you planting the seeds of your passion(s) in Memphis and why? Well since I've been WFH, I've been planting a lot of seeds in my backyard because plants are sort of the only thing I can be close too right now (other than my pup :] ). On a serious note, I'm committed to increasing awareness and opportunity for residents in need as well as providing support for startups/small businesses. I believe the City of Memphis can only become stronger as those without means needs are lifted higher. I'm very passionate about the sustainability of our city and I look forward to seeing it grow more united. 
  3. What have you done to promote self-care and positive energy during this time? I've been practicing yoga for nearly 10 years now and this pandemic has fortunately increased my desire to practice more often. I also share positive messages and reflections on my social media to help spread good news because we can all use more good news these days. 
  4. What plans do you have once the world opens back up to our new normal? Well first I plan to get nails done because that's more than essential, okay? I also plan to get more involved wherever I can to help those negatively impacted by covid-19 bounce back. A lot has been put in perspective for me since this pandemic and we all really need each other so I'm looking forward to doing what I can to help us move forward. 
  5. Let’s end the debate: Whose BBQ are you digging into after quarantine? (i.e. Memphis’ best) I've been vegetarian for 5 years now but if I had to choose it would be BIG BILL'S BAR-BE-QUE. Period. 
  6. What parting words do you have for your fellow Memphians during this challenging time? Stay motivated folks. Our city, our state, our world needs us and it may not seem like we have the answers right now but we do. We all know what we need to do. I challenge us all to get uncomfortable, step out on faith and do what needs to be done. We were born to be who we are right now. 
  7. What priceless gem did you takeaway from your Embark experience? Embark taught me to be more confident in my growth as a professional. There's no handbook on how to navigate the "real world" after college but Embark was just that for me. I learned more about myself and how to effectively work with individuals at various levels of experience. 

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