Exposure 2018 - Why Celebrate 901 Day Early?

Dancing In The Rain

You might have seen a post or two on social media about our Exposure  event coming up. We're excited for our annual celebration of all things Memphis featuring more than 150+ organizations and local celebrity kickball game. So, if we're celebrating "901 Day," why are we having our party on Thursday, August 30th?

We're glad you asked! No, seriously! There are a few reasons for the switch this year. First, 901 Day (or September 1) happens to fall on the Saturday of Labor Day this year. While that's not a huge deal, we understand that a lot of locals like to have one last getaway before Summer officially comes to a close and school routines fall into place. We wanted to make sure everyone had the opportunity to join us, whether you have Labor Day plans or not! 

Secondly, we truly feel that celebrating all of the great things Memphis has to offer isn't confined to just one day. Granted we pull out all the stops for Exposure, but that's not the only day we want to celebrate. And we don't want it to be the only day you celebrate either!

For that reason, we created our social media campaign spotlighting how to #CelebrateYourCity.

The great news about the campaign is it's the perfect way for YOU to participate all year long. Are you and some friends hanging at Railgarten? Post about it and include the hashtag. Walking your dog on the Greenline or out at Shelby Farms? Post about it, too! Volunteering with your favorite organization? Yep, you guessed it... we want to know about that, too!

There are a million ways both big and small that Memphians #CelebrateYourCity every single day. So what are you waiting for? Share the love you have for your city on August 30th at Exposure, and every day!