Memphis Culture, Mane!

Mane 2

We kicked off 2020 by showcasing our themes, and it's time to transition to all things Memphis culture.

We began the year discussing the importance of healthy communities, everything that goes into creating them, and who plays a part. We highlighted the South Memphis Farmer's Market, the importance of using your voice in the 2020 Census, and the role Memphis plays in global water recycling through Glanris. We showcased a unique asset in the Baptist Centers for Good Grief and how seniors can stay plugged in, too! 

Little did we know just how timely it was to discuss healthy communities as the city and nation endure a global pandemic. As we enter Q2, we're shifting gears to all things Memphis culture. Originally planned in order to have our finger on the pulse of our city during its biggest tourism boom (Memphis in May), we here at New Memphis still think our unique brand of soul is making this whole shelter-in-place thing a lot more sentimental. So we're forging ahead to share the gems that make Memphis the one and only place of its kind.

We hope you'll come along as we explore how all of these themes are woven together into the fabric of the vibrant city we call home. And just maybe, find new ways to engage and celebrate...even if it is from a distance (for the time being!).