New Year? New Opportunities to Celebrate!


Happy New Year (and new decade!), Memphis! You might have seen our #CelebrateYourCity campaign floating around social media over the last few years, specifically around the time of Exposure each summer. Originally created to lead into the Exposure event, the hashtag has since transformed into a way to see the magic in the mundane and celebrate the everyday things that make our city great.

While we here at New Memphis choose to see the glass as half full, we're aware of the opportunities our city faces.

With this in mind, we set to work preparing to begin 2020. The result? A more tactical approach to activating our community around important community topics. As such, we're introducing themes for each quarter to help create a through-line to our cohorts, alumni activation and community impact.

Our hope is that at the end of each quarter, our audiences will be more informed about issues facing our city and more equipped to roll up their sleeves and participate in the solutions.

We're kicking off the year discussing the importance of healthy communities, everything that goes into creating them, and who plays a part. That leads us to our Memphis culture and how our unique brand of soul is making its way on to the national scene. Since culture is directly tied to economic prosperity, we'll then take a look at what opportunities we have to provide workforce resources. Then, we'll close out 2020 by discussing education - from childhood through adulthood - and its impact on the city as a whole.

We hope you'll come along as we explore how all of these themes are woven together into the fabric of the vibrant city we call home. And just maybe, find new ways to engage and celebrate.