Educator Engagement

Because great teachers are critical to our city’s future success, New Memphis is committed to developing and retaining educators in our highest needs schools. Teachers are essential community leaders who need opportunities to grow professionally and must be engaged in Memphis civically, culturally, and socially. New Memphis has decades of experience delivering world-class leadership development and community engagement to our city’s talent, and we extend our proven strategies to develop, activate, and retain talent in the education sector through three distinct initiatives.


"Teachers’ Lounge encouraged me to have a more positive mentality and acknowledge fellow teachers for their work and dedication."


"Principal Booster Shots gave me a realistic view of how I can become a better leader, and it gave me insight into how I can share with the team to grow our organization."

-Alicia Saulsberry

"Hearing the perspective of other teachers beyond my own school through Teacher's Lounge helped with my own perspective! "

-Zack Adcock

"I appreciated the opportunity at New Memphis' Principal Booster Shots to network, learn, and start the day with a positive focus!"

-Amy Michalak

"This session was an efficient use of my time and allowed me to experience PD that didn't consume a large amount of my time. It was targeted and to the point, which allowed me to walk away with a tangible skill."

-Jasmine Hicks

"Stride is the highlight of my week!"

-Jayme Soule


Stride is a free program that offers the support early career teachers need to thrive as educators in Memphis. In addition to social outings and fun opportunities to explore Memphis, Stride provides an environment of collaborative learning, peer networking, and professional development. By engaging teachers in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd years in the classroom, Stride helps retain our community’s most promising educators.

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Teachers' Lounge

New Memphis offers a casual and safe space for all preK-12 teachers to join their colleagues from around the city to discuss pressing topics in today's education landscape and grow together while expanding their network.

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Q: Who participates in your educator engagement work?

A: We offer different types of programming to cater to those at different points in their education career: Stride, specifically for early-career educators and Teachers’ Lounges for all preK-12 teachers. Additionally, we involve community members in our Teacher Appreciation Week celebrations and an event to honor our Educators of Excellence award winners annually.

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Educators of Excellence

The annual New Memphis Educators of Excellence award recognizes outstanding prek-12 full-time teachers, instructional staff, and school or network administrators from around the city who have an exceptional impact on our kids, commitment to Memphis, and indomitable spirit. Help us celebrate these invaluable leaders! Nomination and application information is released in May every year and winners are recognized yearly in August. Apply for or nominate an Educator of Excellence here by June 30, 2023.

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