Who participates in your educator engagement work?

We offer different types of programming to cater to those at different points in their education career: Stride, specifically for early-career educators and Teachers’ Lounges for all preK-12 teachers. Additionally, we involve community members in our Teacher Appreciation Week celebrations and an event to honor our Educators of Excellence award winners annually.

What do the events cost?

All of our Teachers' Lounge events are completely free for participants, thanks to our generous sponsors!

What will happen with my program in response to COVID-19?
Please visit the "about" section of the New Memphis website.
What is the time commitment?
The Stride program is the only cohort-style program with a specific time commitment (see the Stride page for more information). Our other educator work is offered in standalone sessions; although you are highly encouraged to participate in all upcoming sessions, previous content is not required to benefit from each individual offering.
How many people are at each event?
It depends on the event! Every event is different so there could be anywhere from 20-50 individuals at each event. If you want to attend an event, RSVP early to be sure you have a spot!
Do I have to attend all events?
No, you can attend some or all of the events, but be sure to RSVP for each you plan to attend.
Is there a specific dress code for the events?
Come as you are, we do not have dress code for our events.