"Teachers’ Lounge encouraged me to have a more positive mentality and acknowledge fellow teachers for their work and dedication."


"Principal Booster Shots gave me a realistic view of how I can become a better leader, and it gave me insight into how I can share with the team to grow our organization."

-Alicia Saulsberry

"Hearing the perspective of other teachers beyond my own school through Teacher's Lounge helped with my own perspective! "

-Zack Adcock

"I appreciated the opportunity at New Memphis' Principal Booster Shots to network, learn, and start the day with a positive focus!"

-Amy Michalak

"This session was an efficient use of my time and allowed me to experience PD that didn't consume a large amount of my time. It was targeted and to the point, which allowed me to walk away with a tangible skill."

-Jasmine Hicks

"Stride is the highlight of my week!"

-Jayme Soule