Creating effective leaders.

Participants learn to leverage their strengths and navigate the workplace. The Embark experience creates leaders in your company who are self-aware and positioned for growth.

Building communication skills.

Through various group activities and a final pitch project Embarkers will refine their presentation skills and learn to successfully collaborate. Embarkers will be skilled at relating with colleagues by identifying and adjusting to different personalities and work styles.

Making connections.

We select candidates of various backgrounds and culture from a diverse pool of organizations–representing corporate, non-profit, education, and government sectors. As a result, Embarkers make invaluable connections and grow their professional networks.

Retaining Talent in Memphis.

Embark develops an affinity for Memphis. Participants’ attachment to and investment in the city translate to loyalty to employers. In other words, we help you keep your top talent here in town.

Nominate  a peer or employee for the Embark program.