"Embark embodies what leadership all about: learning from people with different backgrounds and different opinions, and working towards a common goal. I think this program was awesome."

-Erica Plybeah

"I love the vision and purpose of Embark and New Memphis! I think it is imperative for young professionals that are not native to Memphis to indulge in this program. Also if you're from Memphis like myself, it is good to get more insight on the community and opportunities to get involved, volunteer, mentor, network, and just be more knowledgeable of the city. I enjoyed myself and look forward to seeing the program grow."

-Justin Macklin

"Every Embark class taught me something about how I interact with others. The program drove me to expand my network, uncover blind spots, and strengthen my patience. It opened my eyes on how to provide (and receive!) objective feedback. Most surprising to my native-Memphian self, Embark instilled in me an even deeper connection to my city and the obligation we have as young advocates to celebrate its assets and opportunities."

-Sarah Baker

"Really enjoyed the experience! New Memphis is a jewel for the city through its ability to produce diverse cohorts. The cohorts are diverse in ethnicity, occupation, religious backgrounds, etc. and it helps the networking for within the city as well as those that moved like myself! "

-Jamal Threlkeld

"With Embark, it gave me the opportunity to connect with other young professionals in varying fields of work who are doing awesome things. We’re all excited about the city and pushing it forward. There is a fabric of change that’s happening, and there are people my age at the helm."

-Leslie Finch

"Thank you so much for this wonderful experience! It was been the best thing I have done since I moved here a year ago. I was able to meet people from different areas of life and different careers that I never would have come in contact with. I also made great friends and learned skills that will definitely help me at work!"

-Christina Hartnack

"It was a phenomenal experience. Even for me being from Memphis, coming back as an adult is a different experience. The professional discussions with our facilitator were very helpful for me navigating different personalities in the workplace."

-Courtney Williams Robertson

"Embark was awesome! What I loved most about it and what it really opened my eyes to was how many people in my New Memphis class weren’t from Memphis and how much they wanted to be engaged in the community. One of my goals for 2019 is to take what I learned from Embark and initiate more engagement with volunteer programs. I know there are tons of ways to get involved."

-Eustis Corrigan

Eustis Corrigan
"I think that New Memphis does a great job of bringing that network of experience and professionalism together in an environment that allows people to continue to grow. I learned how to connect with people in unique ways that makes it meaningful for both them and me. "

-Kiamesha Wilson

Kayla Rodriguez Graff
"I have learned so much about myself and how to effectively lead and communicate through Embark. It was a vital experience to my professional success."

-Kayla Rodriguez Graff