LDI 25th Anniversary Events

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As part of the LDI 25th Anniversary celebration, New Memphis will host three half-day professional development workshops across the year, exclusively for LDI graduates. Each workshop will be led by the original LDI facilitator, Linda Bailey, and will focus on skills-sharing tailored for high level executives. Seats are limited at each workshop, and alumni are welcomed on a first-come, first served basis. Reserve your spots now!

  • Understanding Stress Resiliency - March 1, 2022: Gain new perspectives by owning the “corona coaster,” understanding the personal habits that self-inflict stress, and build resiliency through new and creative strategies.
  • Building Successful Teams- May 3, 2022: Learn the characteristics of highly effective teams and put your focus on the issue of building trust and embracing the importance of productive conflict. Ensure “psychological safety” and create an “everyone matters environment.”
  • The Five Faces of Genius- August 23, 2022: Creative genius lies within each of us. Jump-start to the next level of creativity and contribution by learning to visualize and implement a new direction. Become a SEER, an OBSERVER, an ALCHEMIST, a FOOL, and a SAGE and use these creative thinking styles to improve both your business and personal lives.

Workshops are open to LDI alumni only, are $75 each, including lunch and happy hour. You are welcome to register for some or all of the sessions, where seats are available. LDI alumni -- Please check your email for RSVP links or email Jill Turner, Jill [at] NewMemphis [dot] org.

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