Mid-South Leadership Summit


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9:15am : Keynote Speaker

9:45am : Breakout Session One


  • Taking Off the MaskFacilitator: Jani Rad    At what point does "faking it til we make it" impose a sense that we are all frauds regardless of talents or abilities? At some point in all of our careers we ask the question of when others will figure out that we don't actually have the skillsets we're pretending to have - even when we do! The session will explain why high performing people often doubt their abilities and find it hard to enjoy their successes. It will also show the links to perfectionism and self-handicapping strategies such as procrastination, avoidance and over commitment.
  • The Secret SauceFacilitator: Mario Brown   No one ever really teaches you how to be a good manager or supervisor, right? There’s not a step-by-step guide, and it’s one of the most challenging duties of leadership in the workplace. This session will strengthen the skills needed to stimulate the performance of employees and effectively lead individuals as a manager.
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  • Building Your Personal Board of DirectorsFacilitator: NEXUS Leaders    A personal board of directors is like an unofficial group of guides or a team of unpaid career coaches. In short, they're a team of talented individuals you can turn to with questions or concerns. They can help you refine goals and achieve them, strategize about ways to gain varied experiences within the same company, decide when and how to switch companies, learn to manage people, move into social purpose work, figure out how to go part-time, handle being discriminated against, or manage office politics. But how does one go about forming their personal board? This session will guide you in creating a plan of action in creating your personal board while navigating how to strengthen those relationships to help you in a lifetime of career navigation.
  • Read the Room!Facilitator: Reggie Davis   Over the last two years, George Floyd, COVID-19, Ahmaud Arbery, Accessibility, Breonna Taylor, LGBTQ + Rights, Immigration, Voting Rights, Women’s Rights, and Racial Inequality have been hot topic issues plaguing our communities. No matter the topic – we all have a position, an opinion, or an ideology; and we carry those things with us daily (even in our workplaces). Good leaders and organizations understand that - and recognize the importance of acknowledging what’s going on in the world around us and how those things impact workplace relationships, dynamics, and culture.   This session will equip participants with resources to create inclusive spaces in the workplace through an exploration of identities, current issues, and best practices for fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within our circles of influence.
  • “I quit”: The Great Resignation EraFacilitator: Chad Prosser   90% of your new hires are thinking of leaving, so what are you to do about it?  In the Great Resignation era coined by Anthony Klotz, we are finding that the pandemic has shifted the way people think about “work”; how they want to spend their time and energy; where they want to do it; and with whom they want to do it. This session is designed to help new hire managers and current and rising executives identity what employees are looking for in 2022 while reviewing best practices for employee recruitment and retention.

12:15pm : Lunch with Panel

1:30pm : Breakout Session 3


  • COMING SOON! Session 1    
  • From the Board Room to the BoardFacilitator: Reggie Davis   With over 5,000 non-profits within the Mid-South, there is a strong need for strong talent to help organizations thrive through board support. Serving on a local nonprofit board not only helps the organization, but it allows you to share your expertise, tap into your passions, and increase your affinity to the community in which you live.  This session will provide an overview on what to expect as a new board member while leveraging your skills, talents, and resources for the betterment of the organization. 
  • Lean on Me: Effective MentoringFacilitator: NEXUS Leaders   In the 1972 classic Lean on Me, Bill Withers said “We all need somebody to lean on”.  With so many new professionals entering the workforce, job transitions, and job promotions - having a sounding board is critical to increased feelings of belonging, support, confidence, and perspectives.  This session is designed to inspire professionals to engage in mentoring opportunities; equip mentors with the tools necessary to develop strong mentee/mentor relationships; and identify the benefits of mentorship for professionals of all generations in the workforce. 

3:30pm-4:00pm : Happy Hour Networking