On the Table

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New Memphis offers On the Table to our alumni as an opportunity to create conversations on important community topics that allow different point-of-views to be expressed and heard. These 6 events are limited in size to foster a comfortable, engaging environment, so you are encouraged to register quickly.

  • January 14 Topic: 2020 Census and Equity: Understanding how the Census helps our country apportion federal funding and spending, draw congressional districts and collect taxes.
  • March 24 - Topic: Stress Resiliency: A discussion that offers tools to cultivate one’s capacity to deal with stress, adapt efficiently to change, cope with threats/fears of a job, and more.
  • May 5 - Topic: Art and Activism: Understanding the effective capabilities of activism and the effective qualities of various art forms including but not limited to music, visual arts, film, spoken word, writing, and dance.
  • July 21 - Topic: Internships: Chess not Checkers: Understanding the strategy and benefits of internships for industry employers, student interns, and educational institutions.
  •  September 15- Topic: Public Transit: Driving Workforce Development: Understanding how reliable, affordable, and safe public transit can decrease unemployment and produce better business results.
  • November 16 - Topic: Long-term Investing: Early Childhood Education: For a prosperous, progressive Memphis in the future it is vital that we make wise, calculated, and sometimes risky (non-traditional) investments into efforts focused on children between the ages of 0-8.

Interested in attending? Email Reggie (reggiedavis [at] newmemphis [dot] org)