Get To Know Your City

New Memphis hosts public events year-round that bring people together to learn more about their city, find fresh ways to engage in the community, and re-discover what makes Memphis great. We host all kinds of events throughout the year (think Memphis trivia at the newest local brewery or luncheons celebrating city advancements). If you're looking for ways to get to know Memphis, we've got you covered.
Get to Know Your City
Community Engagement Events
  • Speak Out: New Memphis is proud to serve as a megaphone for the great things happening across our city. Through traditional and digital media, we are producing and sharing content affirming that Memphis is a city on the rise. From education reform to livable communities, we inform the public about all of the way Memphis is pushing towards progress.

  • Exposure: A celebration of all things Memphis and a showcase of all the ways individuals can plug into city life, every year around 901 Day (also known as September 1).