Community Engagment

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Speak Out: New Memphis is proud to serve as a megaphone for the great things happening across our city. Through traditional and digital media, we are producing and sharing content affirming that Memphis is a city on the rise. From education reform to livable communities, we inform the public about all of the way Memphis is pushing towards progress.

Celebrate What's Right Luncheons: We know that what you pay attention to grows. At these luncheons we shine a light on some of Memphis' greatest achievements - urban revitalization, investments in green spaces, an explosion of entrepreneurs - and invite the community together to hear from those who lead the work.

Exposure: A celebration of all things Memphis and a showcase of all the ways individuals can plug into city life, every year on 901 Day (also known as September 1).

Memphis 101: An interactive crash course in Memphis culture, people, and politics revealing why Memphis is the place it is today -  and how our history impacts where we are headed.

Instant Memphian: A high-energy run-through of essential Memphis info, this hour-long presentation is packed with interesting insights, useful tips, and ways to engage and give back in the city you call home.