Memphis has always been friendly, but now it’s bike-friendly, with over 200 miles of bike lanes, and more in the works.
Bass Pro Shop
Tallest free-standing elevator in the United States? It’s at our Bass Pro Shops in the Pyramid.
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn was founded in Memphis by Kemmons Wilson, and the first-ever location was on Summer Ave.
The documentary Undefeated, which won the Oscar in 2012 for best documentary, is about the Manassas High football team.
Local breweries are bubbling up all over. Wiseacre, Memphis Made, Ghost River, High Cotton... the list goes on.
Fortune 100
Fortune 100 companies that call Memphis home include FedEx, International Paper, AutoZone, ServiceMaster, Mueller Industries.
Memphis tap-water is so delectable because of a unique geological feature: the Memphis sands aquifer.
Invented in Memphis: overnight shipping. (Yep, FedEx.)
Piggly Wiggly
Invented in Memphis: the first self-serve grocery store. (The Pig! aka Piggly Wiggly.)
Rock n Roll
Invented in Memphis: rock ‘n roll. Jookin’. Blues. Soul.
affordable city
Memphis regularly ranks among the top most affordable cities to live in the U.S.
Sanitation Workers’ Strike
Memphis has changed the world: the Sanitation Workers’ Strike changed the course of the Civil Rights Movement.
Memphis has changed the music world: ever heard of a cat called Elvis? Not to mention Stax, Sun, and so much more.
First all-female radio station? WHER, right here in Memphis
First African-American radio station? WDIA, right here in Memphis.
Shelby Farms
How does Shelby Farms compare to Central Park? Well, for starters, ours is bigger: five times bigger, encompassing some 7000 acres.
Brooks Museum of Art
Memphis is home to the state’s largest art museum: the Brooks Museum of Art.
longest pedestrian bridge
Big River Crossing – the former Harahan Bridge – is one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the U.S.
Levitt Shell
Not only does the Levitt Shell over 50+ free concerts a year, it was also the spot of Elvis’ first public performance.
Memphis is mentioned more than any other city in song lyrics and song titles – 1000+.
In the peak era of the cotton industry, half of all U.S. cotton traveled through Memphis.
City Charter
In the 1870s, Memphis was struck by a yellow fever epidemic, and even lost its city charter. Robert R. Church, the first Southern African-American millionaire, bought a bond to restore the city’s charter.
Famous Faces
Sound familiar? Kathy Bates, Cybill Shepherd, Michael Jeter, Tim McCarver, Dixie Carter, Wink Martindale, Peter Taylor, Morgan Freeman, Aretha Franklin, Pat Kerr Tigrett, Shelby Foote, Lucy Hale. Oh, and Justin Timberlake.
Outlaw: “Public Enemy No. 1”
A dubious distinction, but: the nation’s first was a Memphian: “Machine Gun Kelly.” The FBI caught him in Memphis, too.
Peabody Ducks
The original Peabody ducks were named Peabody, Gayoso, and Chisca. Nowadays, the ducks don’t have individual names. Get to work on that.
Order Up
Chez Philippe, in The Peabody, does not serve duck. In fact, you cannot find a dish with duck anywhere in The Peabody.
Metal Museum
Memphis’ Metal Museum is the only museum in the U.S dedicated to metalworking.
The Arcade
The oldest restaurant in Memphis is The Arcade, doing business since 1919.