For more than 25 years, New Memphis has delivered the Leadership Development Intensive (LDI), our 3.5-day personal leadership development experience for senior executives. More than 1,200 alumni have taken advantage of this opportunity to continue learning, build connections, and lead in Memphis.


"The class was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It was very beneficial for me, and really peeled back the onion. It confirmed what I thought about our city--that there are a lot of people who want Memphis to win. I rave about it all the time."

-Ernest Strickland

"The LDI is a must for all executives who aspire to be the best. I walked away confident and empowered to lead more effectively."

-Carolyn Hardy

"LDI is a world-class program. I was impressed that they have those kind of facilitators and people in Memphis. Sure you can travel and try to find the same program, but it’s right here. Every year they make it better. They keep it relevant. I mean, it’s only a three-day program, but you really come out of it with a different mindset."

-Antonio Morayta

"My biggest takeaway from LDI was how to give really specific feedback. I was surprised at how every single module we learned had a clear takeaway and practical application. The program is deliberate. Go in with a completely open mind and be open to a lot of feedback."

-Nicole Lauchaire

"You might get a tear out of me [describing this experience]. It was the most revealing leadership training class I’ve ever gone to. It really makes you look within yourself. There are some tools there but you have to sharpen them. The encouragement and support that they gave as a group [was rewarding]. It’s cool to be part of that network."

-Darin Johnson

"What I love about New Memphis is that it has programs for leaders of all levels. You can transform an organization from the inside by bringing out the talents of its people. Both the Fellows and LDI programs have really helped me in my career. It’s not about fixing deficiencies but focusing on what you’re good at."

-Peter Abell

"What New Memphis is doing in terms of educating the leaders of the city is huge. Not only do we bring people here, we offer them opportunities to further develop. A company recruits to the company, but New Memphis is the bridge to the community, giving executives exposure."

-Kristin Lockhart

"A powerful experience, the LDI gave me skills to enhance my leadership while connecting with a remarkable network of leaders."

-Johnny Moore Jr.

"Both intense and insightful, this program helped me understand myself more fully and challenged me to lead in more effective, connected and inspiring ways."

-Scott Fountain

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Nominations are vital to continuing the tradition of excellence in New Memphis programs. The majority of LDI participants come to us through nominations from business leaders, many of whom are themselves New Memphis alumni. It’s a testament to the power of this program when alumni want other leaders to share this experience. If you are, or someone you know is, an experienced, executive-level leader who would enjoy and benefit from the LDI, please submit a nomination. Contact Jill Turner with any questions.

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Why LDI?

The highly personalized Leadership Development Intensive provides powerful data and experiences to help you lead. LDI outcomes are numerous; as a result of the program you will:

  • Learn how key stakeholders rate your leadership effectiveness and how you compare with C-suite executives.
  • Broaden your network of senior executive colleagues.
  • Collaborate across the organization to gain critical perspectives, solve complicated problems, create buy in and manage politics.
  • Effectively manage complexity to take wise and productive action amidst complex, rapidly changing conditions.
  • Develop clear action plans.


Q: Who participates in the LDI?

A: Designed for experienced leaders at the executive level, each class consists of approximately 25 individuals across diverse industries. Many of our more than 1,200 graduates are nominated by other graduates of the LDI program, though self-nominations are always welcome.

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Celebrating a Quarter of a Century of LDI

The Leadership Development Intensive (LDI) was created in 1997, and since then we've had more than 1,000 graduates of the program. Those graduates are comprised of capable leaders who feel a deep sense of responsibility and optimism for this city we all love. And we are so excited to continue this work going forward.  To ensure the work of New Memphis continues for another 25 years, we are asking LDI alumni to make a donation in honor of this landmark anniversary achieved in 2022. You can make a secure online donation here, or contact Raquel Capocaccia to learn about other giving options.

Learn more about how we celebrated 25 years of LDI here!

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In unrivaled depth, the LDI combines prove-in-action techniques with peer interaction and insights from the latest research to deliver:

Completely customized self-assessments and 360-degree inventory that empower you to realize and leverage your assets.

Experiential interactions and case study exercises that drive self discovery.

Expert, one-on-one feedback. This personal coaching session assists in interpreting and clarifying your individual assessment date and helps you create an action plan.

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