LDI Next Step

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The Leadership Development Intensive (LDI) has helped seasoned executives like you continue to maximize your personal leadership power. But, what comes next?

Leaders are constantly evolving and organizational challenges are constantly shifting. The best leaders continually strive to be better, and that’s why for the first time ever New Memphis is offering LDI: Next Step. We are offering you and other LDI graduates the unique opportunity to come together to boost effectiveness, reexplore your core strengths, and map a plan for your continued growth.

What is LDI Next Step?

Building on the self-understanding established in the original program, you will explore how your leadership has evolved since graduating from the LDI, reflect on fresh feedback, and define and evaluate your core development goals. By combining proven insights and techniques from the latest research, executive coaches and leadership development experts will guide you through an intensive experience full of peer interaction.

Program Outcomes

  • Personal Leadership Capacity  - Through self assessments, including an enhanced 360, participants dig into their core leadership strengths with facilitators and executive coaches.
  • Focus on Leadership and Culture  - New elements will drive executives to consider culture and how their leadership style shapes their organizational culture and team interactions.
  • Expanded Executive Network  - Open to LDI graduates who are about five years out from completing the program, LDI: Next Step offers a new opportunity to connect with peer leaders.
  • Development Planning - Like the LDI, the Next Step will close with time and structure to set intentions for the future. Each participant will leave with a development plan created in the wake of the week’s revelations.


Who participates in LDI: Next Step?
Designed for experienced leaders at the executive level who have already graduated from the LDI, the class consists of approximately 30 individuals across diverse industries.

Where are the program sessions held?
This is a residential experience; all participants stay at the Central Station Hotel. All 2.5 days are held at the hotel in downtown Memphis.

Is the hotel stay required?
Yes, the hotel stay is required to build relationships within the class. Even those who live within 20 miles of downtown will stay at the hotel.

What is the time commitment?
Please note: Dates are not currently finalized for LDI Next Step 2022. The program lasts 2.5 days. Class typically ends each day at 5 pm; however, we encourage all participants to come to all of the breakfasts, dinners and the evening receptions with their classmates as well.

What if I have to miss part of the class, can I still participate?
This is not a conference or workshop with optional sessions. The experience is packed with essential lessons and interactions that build upon one another. Participants should plan to attend the entire program as you did with the Leadership Development Intensive (LDI).

What is the cost of the program?
The cost of the program is $4,900 per person which includes lodging at the Central Station Hotel and all meals and events.

When is payment due?
A $1,000 deposit is due at the time of registration to reserve your spot. Full tuition can be paid at this time.

How can I reserve a spot in an upcoming class?
Please contact Jill Turner (jill [at] newmemphis [dot] org) to express interest in participating in a 2022 class. The class can accommodate up to 30 participants, and spots are first come, first served. 

Can more than one person attend from a company?
Yes, up to two participants from one company may participate as long as they are not in the same reporting structure.