Embark is a 4-month engagement that empowers high performing twenty-somethings (2-7 years into their careers) to grow as leaders and to build relationships as they prepare to make a difference in Memphis. Over seven evening sessions, Embark prepares young leaders to push forward in their careers while shaping the city for a better future. At the start of the program, all Embark participants take a personality assessment to help grow their self-awareness and effectiveness.
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What Embark Means for You

Whether you're a young professional looking to build your toolkit, meet peers, and impact the community, or an employer with a promising young professional on your team, we've got something for you. Discover what Embark can mean for you and your team.

What will happen with my program in response to COVID-19?

Please visit the "about" section of the New Memphis website.
Why Embark?

Embark alumni share their experiences from the program and how it impacted their connections to Memphis, each other, and themselves.

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