New Memphis Accelerate Application

Accelerate is a 3-month program that equips local college students to be successful in a Memphis-area internship. Over the course of 6 professional development sessions, we introduce students to the dynamic community of local employers while helping students learn to navigate the workplace, build networks, and hone professional skills to plot their career.
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Commitment to Participation
Full participation of each member of the cohort is crucial to the Accelerate experience. As such, attendance is not optional, but mandatory. Please carefully consider the schedule below and confirm your availability. (Note: There may be slight variations in these dates, due to changes in facilitation.) Contact with any questions you have about sessions.
Sessions are offered Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00 pm except where noted.

9/15/21    Leading From Within *4:00-6:30pm*
9/29/21    Applying Your Strengths
10/13/21  Understanding Your Goals
10/27/21  Nurturing Your Image
11/3/21    Connecting with Mentors
11/16/21  Harnessing Your Future *Tuesday session*
12/1/21    Graduation 

Thank you for completing an application for the New Memphis Accelerate program.  You will also now receive communications about Launch, our collegiate event series.