Launch: Campus to Career

"I love this city, and New Memphis helped show me even more to love about it! Now I'm part of the positive movement working towards making Memphis even better."
-Bradford Pippen, student intern and Launch participant
"There's huge opportunity here in Memphis. That's why I'm staying: because I want to see us reach our full potential."
-Sarah Johnson, college student and Launch participant
"I found out about New Memphis because of Summer Experience which I participated in while I was an intern at St. Jude. It helped me realize what all Memphis offers so that was really nice being able to have a resource as someone not from here. It’s hard when you move to a new place. Volunteering and getting involved are great ways to make any place feel like home. "
-Kaleigh Davis, Associate Counsel, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (Summer Experience 2011 participant and 2017 Embark graduate)
"The Summer Experience events were very well put together. I had a great time meeting new people for fun and to help me for my career."
-Athena Campbell, Junior, University of Memphis