"Launch is a great opportunity to network, meet people in different positions, and get a different perspective. I would have never been introduced to the contacts I met if it had not been for New Memphis."
-Alexander Varnado
"Through Launch, I really love that I’ve met quality people my age who are taking their career seriously. We’re all taking steps to do what we want to do."
-Andrea Hernandez
"I love this city, and New Memphis helped show me even more to love about it! Now I'm part of the positive movement working towards making Memphis even better."
-Bradford Pippen
"There’s tons of professional opportunity here in Memphis. That’s why I’m staying because I discovered a variety of career options thanks to Launch."
-Sarah Johnson
"Launch helped me realize what all Memphis offers. "
-Kaleigh Davis
"I had a great time meeting new people for fun and to help me for my career."
-Athena Campbell