"The LDI is a must for all executives who aspire to be the best. I walked away confident and empowered to lead more effectively."
-Carolyn Hardy
"Both intense and insightful, this program helped me understand myself more fully and challenged me to lead in more effective, connected and inspiring ways."
-Scott Fountain
"A powerful experience, the LDI gave me skills to enhance my leadership while connecting with a remarkable network of leaders."
-Johnny Moore Jr.
"I thought the executive coaching was impressive. The fact that they bring in people from all over the country to work with you 1-on-1. It was a great way to improve upon my skills as a communicator, as a leader, and I took away a lot of valuable lessons. "
-Nicole Lauchaire
"What New Memphis is doing in terms of educating the leaders of the city is huge. Not only do we bring people here, we offer them opportunities to further develop. A company recruits to the company, but New Memphis is the bridge to the community, giving executives exposure."
-Kristin Lockhart
"You might get a tear out of me [describing this experience]. It was the most revealing leadership training class I’ve ever gone to. It really makes you look within yourself. There are some tools there but you have to sharpen them. The encouragement and support that they gave as a group [was rewarding]. It’s cool to be part of that network."
-Darin Johnson
"The class was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It was very beneficial for me, and really peeled back the onion. It confirmed what I thought about our city--that there are a lot of people who want Memphis to win. I rave about it all the time."
-Ernest Strickland
"What I love about New Memphis is that it has programs for leaders of all levels. You can transform an organization from the inside by bringing out the talents of its people. Both the Fellows and LDI programs have really helped me in my career. It’s not about fixing deficiencies but focusing on what you’re good at."
-Peter Abell