Welcome to Memphis! New Memphis works diligently to make the city’s assets visible and attractive to our new or returning resident. As a part of those efforts we host a series of events throughout the year for you to explore the city and make connections that ultimately create a sense of belonging. We are here to help you get plugged into your new city. We hope to see you soon! Again, welcome to Memphis.
Discover Memphis

This essential guide will help you get acquainted with your new city, connected to your community, and engaged with the many things that make this place great

How Do We Welcome Newcomers?

We welcome newcomers through our Community Engagement opportunities, Celebrate What’s Right, On the Table, Exposure - 901 Day, Memphis 101, and more! We engage those of you who are new to Memphis through these series of events to help you learn about the city and connect with the people.

How do I get involved with New Memphis?

Let us know you’re here! We have loads of events and networking opportunities for you to be a part of. Simply fill out the registration form to get connected.
How to be a Memphian

There’s a lot to love about our city, but most importantly you matter. We hope that connecting with us you feel right at home! Click the arrow for a warm welcome.    

Why do we care?

We understand the time and effort it takes to move to a new city,  it’s our hope that you make connections that help you get rooted and stay in Memphis long term and call Memphis home. We love our city and we want you to be just as enthused as us local Memphians. Let us engage you over the next few months, and you’ll feel just like a local Memphian. 

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