Great teachers are critical to our city’s future success. Stride is a free program that offers the support early career teachers need to thrive as educators in Memphis. In addition to social outings and fun opportunities to explore Memphis, Stride provides an environment of collaborative learning, peer networking, and professional development. By engaging teachers in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd years in the classroom, Stride helps retain our community’s most effective educators.
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What Stride Means for You

As an early career teacher, Stride will promote success in your work, a sense of appreciation, and enhance your affection for the classroom and your affinity to the city of Memphis.  

What are the program requirements?

You must be within the 1st – 3rd years of teaching.
Curriculum Information

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  • During the course of a 9 month school year, 150 teachers within their 1st – 3rd years of teaching will meet monthly at different locations around the city. 
  • The program curriculum divides its time between collaborative learning, peer networking and social engagements.
  • Key leadership development learning focused on conflict management, effective communication, and personal development.

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