"Stride connects you with other teachers in our community and provides a safe and fun place to decompress, process and commune. I have thoroughly enjoyed every event I have been to."
-Meredith Miyake
"The individuals at [New Memphis] are diligent and in touch with the community that they are serving and are actively looking for ways to better serve that community."
-Remington Hampton
"Stride has expanded my social and professional circle in Memphis. It not only provides fun social events that make me take time for myself but also develops me as a teacher."
-Amber Weir
"I feel fed in my belly, brain and heart when I leave."
-Jayme Soule
"Definitely would say the insight from peers and New Memphis help expand my horizon as a first year teacher."
-Tobi Aderotoye
"I felt successful because what was presented was relevant to what I want to grow in professionally."
-Angela Brown, on "Lap 1: The Golden Circle"
"The Stride programming is effective and thoughtful. I'm so happy I joined!"
-Rachel Smith
"Through Stride, I truly learned more research about toxic stress, trauma awareness, and strategies for labeling my triggers. I feel like I'm able to use this right away and it doesn't take much planning - just organizing my thoughts."
-Jayme Soule, on "Lap 4: The Healthy Teacher"