About the cohort:
Teaching can feel like running a marathon—for each lap under your belt, you deserve a pit stop at an aid station to rest and relax. Find your stride this year by growing during “laps” and socializing during “aid stations" as you embrace Memphis, engage with a supportive community, and evolve personally and professionally. All sessions are meant to enhance teacher resiliency and are applicable no matter your grade level, subject, or school context.

If you have any questions about the Stride curriculum or its application process, please contact erin@newmemphis.org. To view the Spring 2023 calendar, click here.

Lap 1: The Golden Circle allows teachers to think deeply about not just what they do, but how and why they do it. Teachers examine their core values and articulate their personal mission statements.

Lap 2: The Big Rocks offers teachers a chance to examine all of their responsibilities to build a balanced schedule that works for their needs based on the urgency and importance of tasks.

Lap 3: The Beloved Community focuses on response to conflict and how to prepare for and hold crucial conversations so that teachers can build more open and trusting relationships with colleagues.

Lap 4: The Healthy Teacher equips teachers with an understanding of the connection between adults’ and students’ emotional health and provides strategies to build and maintain our calm in the face of stressful situations.

Lap 5: The Bright Spots challenges teachers to take apart negative thoughts, recognize cognitive distortion, and celebrate the progress they’re making each day.

Lap 6: The Next Steps synthesizes the year of learning and allows teachers to commit to further learning and maintaining a more resilient lifestyle.

Aid Stations are social opportunities to engage in our community at different events — examples include 901 FC soccer games, musicals, rock climbing, and more!