What will happen with this program in response to COVID-19?
Please visit the "about" section of the New Memphis website for additional information. As we navigate changing workplaces, New Memphis is still committed to providing the development you deserve.
What are the program requirements?
Stride applicants must be within your 1st – 3rd years of teaching, not including student teaching or residency. You must submit an application and receive acceptance into the Program, then make a commitment to attend all scheduled sessions. We are looking for applicants with diverse perspectives, leadership potential, and a passion to better themselves and their community.
What is the cost of the program?
This robust program is free to all accepted participants thanks to the generous support of our partners. Additionally, in recognition of your commitment to investing in yourself, we invest in you with a semesterly stipend for participation.
What is the program style?
The Stride cohort consists of monthly sessions designed around professional development, called “Laps,” and social engagements, called “Aid Stations.” Three Laps and three Aid Stations are offered each semester. Laps are offered on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, providing options for teachers’ busy schedules. Aid Station dates vary based on Memphis event schedules.
Can I get Professional Development Points (PDPs) for Stride sessions?
Yes! New Memphis includes our Stride sessions as a community partner offering in MSCS’s fall and spring course catalogues. You can earn two hours for each lap you attend (for a total of 6 possible PDPs per semester or 12 per academic year — 20% of your required 60 hours!). You will need to register for the sessions in PLZ and then Erin will submit attendance records to MSCS after the sessions. If you are a charter school or non-SCS teacher, you can get a certificate of completion through MSCS or New Memphis can provide you documentation based on your school’s requirements.
How long is the program?
September – May during the 9-month school year
What is the time commitment?
The program consists of six evening events per semester. Most Laps are two hours in length. Aid Stations are two-three hours in length, depending on the event. The total number of hours spent over the course of the semester is approximately 15.
Are all sessions mandatory?
As an educator, you know the importance of attendance. Full participation by each member of the Stride cohort is key to the group's cohesiveness and crucial to the individual Stride experience. As such, attendance at every engagement throughout the program is expected. Additionally, in recognition of your commitment to investing in yourself, we invest in you with a semesterly stipend for participation.
Where are the sessions held?
Sessions are strategically held at different venues to deepen your connection to the city's vibrancy.
What are the upcoming dates for Stride?
The Stride cohort will begin in September. Stride meets monthly, usually on Wednesday or Thursday evenings.
Can I talk with someone who has completed the program already?
Yes! Erin, our Director of Educator and Collegian Programs, is happy to speak with you and put you in touch a Stride alumni to share about their experience. Please feel free to reach out to her at erin@newmemphis.org.