You’re a new teacher. Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I struggle working in seclusion
  • I have difficulty communicating effectively with my leaders
  • I am experiencing burnout and a lack of work life balance

New Memphis is tackling these challenges and others faced by early-career educators. 

Once a month throughout the school year, New Memphis will host opportunities for early-career teachers to collaborate and connect with a network of peers from across the city’s districts. 

Professional Development

  • Reflect on and develop personal leadership skills
  • Participate in activities to strengthen effective communication with key stakeholders
  • Build capacity to navigate and persist through the demanding environment in education

Network for Support

  • Access local culture and entertainment for deeper connection to the city's vibrancy
  • Connect and build satisfying social circles within a supportive community
  • Engage socially to help build a healthy work life balance

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