As a result of the experience, Fellows will:

  • Develop increased leadership capacity through growth in areas of self-awareness, communication, team building, strategic planning ,and project management.
  • Take ownership for the city of Memphis and feel inspired to have a hand in its progress through increased levels of community engagement.
  • Build a more satisfying and diverse professional network, including many executives and community leaders.
  • Become part of the New Memphis alumni network, which connects committed individuals throughout the city to positively affect Memphis today and for years to come.

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For employers/supervisors:

  • Fellows graduates report significant pre- to post-experience ability growth in the following areas:
    • Understanding and applying awareness of individual strengths
    • Navigating difficult conversations
    • Managing conflict
    • Motivating groups to act
    • Leading at work
  • When we ask employers about their participants after the experience, we receive nearly universal feedback that Fellows are more likely than most peer employees to:
    • Adjust their communication style to improve clarity with varied audiences
    • Collaborate effectively 
    • Possess the capacity to manage a diverse team
    • Be highly engaged employees

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